January 6, 2017

The Stark Family in Toronto

Looking through these photographs and clips I found myself talking like an alien, saying things like, “eeep! ack! oh, hello, heavenly!” whenever Eleanor popped onto my screen. That’s what babies do to you. They make you sound like a love-sick alien for just a little while, melt your insides to mush, and simultaneously slow down and speed up time in a strange, sci-fi way.

I fell in love with the way Jenn and Dave love Eleanor. It was positively bonkers watching a true, full-hearted love like that. This is a window into this very short season in their lives, when mornings are spent with diapers, songs, cuddle time, and a walk to their local coffee shop. Eleanor is still a little alien on this world herself. She’s in the stage of communicating in squawks, guided by constant fascination and the will to put everything in her mouth.

Speaking from experience I can say life for these three won’t always be like this, and I’m certain Eleanor has already changed so much since we shared this morning together. The fast warping of time makes me all the more thankful that, for this one day, I was invited in to capture these few quiet moments.

To you three, I love your family dearly. Your winsome hearts, retained innocence, and wild love are magnetic and lovely. I hope these images are a gift that only gets better the more time passes. Thank you for the great honor of telling this little slice of your story.

xo, ash

first, watch:

next, look:

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