October 2, 2012

Maria and baby Asher . Kansas City, Missouri

My husband Jeremy had the privilege of documenting as maria and steve brought asher home on april 5th, 2012. He was just a few weeks old, and was the answer to countless prayers. We had walked with these dear ones through an experience so gut-wrenching as we watched them adopt their first son, and then watched them lose him just a few weeks later. I remember at the time wondering if they would ever recover, if the nursery would ever be used, and if maria would ever have the joy of being a mom again. and then asher came into the world. As only a tiny human can do, he began to heal their broken hearts just by his presence, his beautiful clear eyes, and his instant bond to maria and steve. I was honored to look into their world one morning, now years ago, as maria and asher cuddled and played the morning away.



asher is much bigger and older these days, but maria has done a beautiful job of mothering and continuing to grow her passion of mending and sewing clothes, as well as curating beautiful pieces of furniture for her new shop dear society. check them out sometime!


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