November 10, 2015

Kelly, Emmy, and Pierson . Lancaster, Pennsylvania

I didn’t really know what I was in for when I started this Mornings with you thing. I think I believed I was going to offer an invaluable service to invaluable women and their little ones, that I would give them a gift. Ever single session I am reminded that this is just as much for me as it is for them. I walk away fueled with new passion not only to be a better mom, but to create with a more wide open heart.

my heart opened wide the day I met Kelly. We were two of those people in the world who were supposed to meet. I drove through amish country in Lancaster, PA, marveling at the simplicity of life in this area and when the car stopped at Kelly’s house and I saw her smile, I knew we were both going to walk away blessed.

Here are a few of the random and simple moments I saw that fall morning.

Kelly, you are a rock star. You are honest and open and humble and wildly funny and lovely. Watching you exist and parent and be who you are was a gift to me, more than you know. I’m glad to know you are out there…and I hope to show up at your doorstep again someday very soon.


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