December 31, 2015

Katie, Callie Rose, Emerson, and Norah . Homestead in Missouri

Before I became a mom, I thought there were two different options for parenting, both which involved someone losing; A woman could either neglect her dreams, passions, and creative works to be “just a mom” or she could nurture her own spirit and put her kids into a daycare facility, never to care for them again.

When I became a mother who was also a creative maker for a living, I began to realize there’s another option, a way better one. It doesn’t come in the form of the mythical balance unicorn, either. it’s simply a messy and wonderful mix of being present with both imperfectly but wholeheartedly and letting the wildness of creativity shine onto the little people in your home and the grace of unconditional love reflect back onto your work.

The day before I met Katie and her little ones at their farmhouse in the middle of the united states, she had just gone viral. As in, a creative project, a video she had made with a small team of writers, had gone viral on youtube.

She was bonkers excited by the time I arrived and I went into the little world of her home so thrilled and honored to be there.

It turns out, when you are an actor, maker, writer, comedy sketch performer, musician, etc.. you can’t help but let all of those things shine brightly onto the people around you, especially the little ones who came from you. Her creative spirit made mothering look like the art form that it truly is. Whether it was playing “family band”, wrestling around on the bed, telling jokes, giving theatrical performances, or running wild outdoors, it became immediately clear that creativity and unconditional love go perfectly together in the rhythms of motherhood. Halfway through our time, Katie’s oldest daughter Callie asked me when I would be coming back again. When I told her I didn’t know she said, “you are very welcome here, ashley, and you can come back anytime you like.”

It turns out, when you are passionately pursuing who you were meant to be without giving a damn whether or not it’s conventional, everyone wins.

thank you, Katie (and callie rose, emerson, and norah the noodle xo) for welcoming me into your world that day. I love you all dearly as a result and hope to return again someday. 🙂



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