May 8, 2016

It can’t all be perfect…

.. Or as I heard someone recently say, perfection can be a pursuit, but it’s never a destination.

The day after I launched this site, not even 24 hours into its life, the hosting provider we use ran into big trouble and thousands of their websites went down. Among those was this new site, along with our family blog where I share some snippets of our personal life, and our business blog and site for wearetheparsons. Lucky us.

The launch was really well received. I felt my heart swelling on Friday to the point where it might burst with pride that I actually did this and humility at how warmly it was welcomed into the creative world. Then, just as suddenly, Saturday came and nothing happened. It was as if I never put the work into building this thing and sharing it. No one could visit, and no one could contact me. All email accounts were down because all sites were down. Despite sending out our newsletter the day before to announce the big news – that goes into hundreds of inboxes around the world – no one could get to it, including me.

If you don’t know me, I will let you in on a little known secret about my life: Perfect doesn’t exist. Sure, I know how to make the smoke and mirrors adjust properly to create an illusion of it once in awhile, just like everybody else. But that’s not my reality. Even when I shared the site on it’s launch day and started receiving emails and even some bookings for new Mornings with you sessions, it all came to a screaming halt the next day. It was great and then it wasn’t. It was a total high, followed by a total buzz kill. This is life: a mixed bag of beautiful, epic proportions.

So I start fresh today and share these words with you just to set expectations. This life of ours is messy and, despite all our efforts, rarely turns out the way we planned. But surprises … well, there’s something really magical about those. Each time I pick up my camera and walk into someone’s home, that is all I am prepared for. Maybe there will be times I will make you look and feel perfect – as though there is a warm veneer of love and light covering your life, (because that is the truth of some moments). Other times the raw, tangible mess of life will show through and I’ll tell that story, too. I refuse to clean up the mess or tell you to put the baby in a basket in an empty field. Take my word for it – life is way too short and simultaneously way too long for those shenanigans.

It can’t all be perfect, but there’s something really beautiful about that. I hope to champion that cause in the stories I tell, the way I live, and the things I share here with you, dear hearts. And because I can’t ask you to share the perfect and imperfect with me without first sharing it myself, I’ll start. The image above is me, on the front porch of our 130 year old fixer-upper we just bought a couple months ago. I’m running on one pot of coffee, not enough sleep, and no makeup … bra-less and in my robe with my three boys who never wear anything fashionable apart from last year’s Halloween costumes and who have mouthed-off to me today more times than I could count. Wonderful, lovely, messy.


with love and wishes that you had a Happy Mother’s Day,



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