January 21, 2016

Amanda, Theo, and baby Alfie . Kansas City, Missouri

I love when my camera becomes a passport into lands I would otherwise not observe close-up. There’s something raw about the haven that a mother creates for her family, and being a part of those slow rituals always reminds me of the dignified artistry of motherhood.

I spent a calm and chilly morning with Amanda Watters – a mother, blogger, and peaceful spirit that I am blessed to call a friend – and her two littlest ones, Theodore and Alfie. I love these images, not just because I adore this dear little family, but because I recently had the joy of working with amanda to build her a brand new blog home for her new brand, Homesong. No bells or whistles, here. Just simple, warm, inviting design that welcomes you into the space she calls home. I am slowly and subtly opening up more for jobs like this – shh. Let’s not make a huge deal out of it (but seriously, contact me if you are interested in collaborating together for your own web project.).  it was just a perfect pairing of my gifts, making images for her, painting, and building a custom site from the ground up. I am honored to have taken part and quite overjoyed with the result.

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