about ash

“I don't know exactly what a prayer is . I do know how to pay attention .. which is what I have been doing all day.”

I’m guessing, if we had time to sit down for a cup of coffee today, we’d find we’re a lot alike. As maker, wife, and mother of three, my life exists in a perpetual tension of overwhelming beauty and utter chaos. It’s radiant and lovely and it’s also what I call “a total cluster-f#ck”. Somewhere in the flow of dirty dishes, laundry, and kids growing up too fast, I sneak away with my camera to tell stories that bring new meaning to the brave art of mothering for myself and others.


Although my husband and I have been professional wedding photographers for a decade and named top ten wedding photographers in the world, I have a deep love for the raw, untold stories that lie within the walls of our homes. Mornings with you is a passion project born out of that place. For a few divine hours I am invited into the four walls of some of the bravest souls on the planet – mothers and the wild little humans they are raising – to pay attention and tell the story of what I see. I spend those hours as a friend, confidant, co-conspirator, superhero cape wearer,  and professional empathizer.

It’s my joy and honor to share theses hours I captured with you in hopes that it heightens your experience of loving and being loved, exposes the beauty in your mundane, and gives you new courage and thanksgiving for the moments that come tomorrow.

*quote above from “The Summer Day” by poet Mary Oliver.

*sidenote: for those of you who have asked, there are no social media links on this site because I am no longer on social media. In my former life, I used to be ash_parsons on Instagram .. I quit social media over a year ago in order to give more attention to my relationships, creative pursuits, and building rhythms of silence, solitude and boredom back into my life. My husband and I podcast a little about it on “The Boredom Experiment” on iTunes, and I’m always up for a chat about it if you want to talk. (ash@morningswithyou.com) xo