Mornings with you

why, what, and how

As soon as we had our first baby, strangers in the grocery store felt the need to come up and tell me how lucky we were, that “it all goes by so fast.. try to enjoy it!” At the time I thought they must be crazy. Sleepless nights and breastfeeding woes gave way to legos all over my floor and the tantrum adventures of “the terrible two’s.”

Sitting on the other side of thirteen years with that first baby of ours (and the two brothers who joined him later), I can officially say they were right. The days may be slow but the years have gone by so fast. Most of my work as a visual storyteller is based on empathy. I try and think about the images I wish I had, the moments I know I’ve forgotten, and then I capture them for you. It all does go by so fast. My deepest hope is that these moments help you really enjoy it.


I have nothing against the good, old fashioned “family photo shoot” but this is not that. Mornings with you exists to honor mothers and their children & family in raw, honest photographs and/or films in the hours when, typically, no one else is watching. This means your hair may be messy, your house may be messier, and I am never, ever going to say, “now look at me and smile.” The goal here is to tell your story in a documentary form, not do something you could get at Olan Mills.


Mornings with you sessions are available as a MORNING SESSION or a SLEEPOVER SESSION.

MORNING SESSIONS begin when your morning routine is well under way and last for a couple of hours (depending on nap schedules, happy  kiddos, etc.). These sessions come with ownership of the high-resolution, edited photographs from our time together and an online viewing and ordering gallery.

SLEEPOVER SESSIONS are just that .. I travel to wherever you are, sleep over, and get up with you as you go through the morning routine of wake ups and and those darling sacred rituals that are commonplace. Sleepover sessions come with ownership of the high-resolution, edited photographs from our time together, an online viewing and ordering gallery, and a short film / mornings with you motion picture.

please contact me for an investment guide and custom travel quote if you are interested in a session.

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I would be thrilled to spend a morning with you.