Mornings with you

Just as you are, you are enough.


I think it’s time someone said it.. Pinterest can suck it. I know it’s tempting to put on your most impressive matching clothes and galavant though a field of wildflowers at sunset. Magically, all of your children would be well behaved and stain-free. Everyone would be smiling and not a hair would be out of place.

What you don’t see is the mommy yelling at her little angels, “Smile at the camera or SANTA WON’T COME THIS YEAR!!!” You don’t see the kids melting down because they’re hungry or cold or just bored out of their minds. You don’t see the real, you see the veneer. Sadly, when the parents and kids see those pictures, they’ll remember just how unpleasant the whole thing actually was.

That’s not what Mornings With You is. If you’re looking for that perfect Pinterest photo in the perfect field with the perfect threats to get your kids to behave, move on, I’m not your gal.

This is about the real you and the real them. This is about what life looks like in the mornings, when you are settled into the safety and warmth of your four walls. It’s about the glow and the mess, the closeness you feel and the potential crying over spilt milk. I don’t come in to interfere, pose, direct, interrupt or critique. I come in to honor you, to walk into the hallowed ground where you exist just as you are and where that is more than enough. You are more than enough, and I hope you feel that every single time you look at these photographs.


Mornings With You is typically a weekday morning shoot with a mom and her kiddos, at home (although spouses have known to take a morning off work to join in on the story). I join you for the morning rituals and routines you live by, telling the story of who you are in this stage and honoring the hours that would otherwise be undocumented and unseen. As your kids grow at a lightning fast pace, as you transition in your journey as a woman and mother, these photographs are a little freeze frame, a sliver of time that will pass in a blink. My hope is you are able to see, honor, and relive some of the most mundane details and moments long after time has passed.

  • Mornings With You photograph shoot: $375
  • Mornings With You photograph + video: $575

* Currently only available for shoots within 30 miles of the greater Kansas City area.


C L I C K  H E R E  to get your own Mornings With You session on the calendar, or to get in touch with any questions. I look forward to hearing form you and spending a morning with you!

with much care,