Becca and her two littlests in their mid-century home in Kansas.
It can’t all be perfect…
Stephanie and her 3 . a Sleepover Session in Columbus, Ohio
This is motherhood.
Amanda, Theo, and baby Alfie . Kansas City, Missouri
Katie, Callie Rose, Emerson, and Norah . Homestead in Missouri



I’ve been there. I am there. I’m in the process of raising three boys who used to be babies, one who is taking a girl to the middle school dance this weekend. Trying to remember the mornings we spent together when they were small and close is like trying to nail down the wind.

In the end, I’ve heard we don’t remember even a tenth of our lives. The normal routine-ness of mornings at home with your kids will be quickly forgotten in just a few years. In a culture where motherhood in is both under-valued (in the workplace) and hyper-glorified (in social media) I hope to tell a visual story raw enough to honor the art form of mothering & childhood, and exquisite enough to show the mundane as sacred.

Take a breath, have a look around, and write me to say hello.

I’d love to spend a morning with you.

xo, ash